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Many schools in the UK and worldwide have adopted a philosophy for living based on a set of positive human values such as Love, Respect, Kindness Trust, etc.


Just as we support schools to embed values explicitly in all they do (and see superb learning and behaviour as a result), Family VibEs House

we know values in the home are key to nurturing family relationships, especially in challenging times.


Family VibEs is a set of resources, full of ideas and suggestions for helping you build on your family's core values. 


Look out for a new value each week - and focus on living that value as much as possible. 


Week by week, your family will think and talk about how to live values together. 


By explicitly focusing on values, we hope that you will build a family values toolkit, and grow even closer and more understanding of each other.


Please join our Facebook Group to let us know how you get on! We hope for this to be a supportive community as well. 



Week 1 - Trust Week 2 - Kindness Week 3 - Responsibility

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Kindness intro slide

Responsibility Intro page

When we build trust, we strengthen relationships and are able to have some of our own responsibilities eased...

Kindness is a wonderful 'family value'. If we can't be anything else...let's be kind. It's what we all need.

We can all take on different responsibilities to help each other within our familes. It's great to let everyone choose what they want to take responsibility for - and give lots of praise to each other for the outcomes.


Week 4 - Positivity Week 5 - Patience Week 6 - Gratitude

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Patience intro page
Gratitude cover

 Having a positive attitude makes solving life’s problems much easier. As a family, focusing on positivity can nurture everyone and help each other to feel better together. 


Why wait when we can have everything right now? Because just about any successful person has patience. Many good and important things take patience. For example, most great inventors and explorers have a lot of patience!


 The more we can all practice gratitude, the better we get at it and the greater the benefits. Look for the good in what you have and who you have around you. We can all be grateful for even the smallest things. 


Week 7 - Hope Week 8 - Empathy Week 9 - Courage

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 Emapthy cover

Courage cover

  As a family, it's wonderful to explore the value of Hope. 

It is much more about just wishing that things can be different. It's about believing that the world can be a better place - and being a part of making changes towards that brighter future! 


Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling or to understand the situation they are in. It is the ability to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” and to understand the way a situation might make them feel.

How amazing is this value! 



Courage does not equal fearlessness. Courage allows us to move through our fears, to make difficult choices and take specific actions that we know will be difficult, challenging, and at times painful. The origins of the word “courage” stem from the word heart.



Week 10 - Friendship Week 11 - Teamwork Week 12 - Respect

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Teamwork Cover 

Respect cover 

We can show friendship to those close to us or far away.
We can show friendship to people who we know and love – or to people who we are just getting to know.
Friendship connects with almost every other value.


Teamwork connects strongly to the value of friendship. There are other elements involved in being a good team-player. Do you have to be friends to work well in a team?

Enjoy exploring this value.



Respect is about how you feel about

and how you treat others.
You can have respect for others,

and you can have respect for yourself. 



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