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Schools and educational organisations all over the world are becoming Values-based organisations. Montage


Neil Hawkes and VbE Consultants train schools and speak in many countries, including: 

Australia, Brunei, China, Dubai, Iceland, India, Latvia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Thailand.


There are VbE Quality Mark Schools all over the world - and the number is growing fast.


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VbE International Newsletter - May 2019






Highlights from VbE Overseas


LatviaNeil in Latvia


Dr Neil Hawkes visited Latvia in September 2019 - 'an experience which touched his heart'. 

Latvia has a diverse mix of schools, ranging from State, Parent, Russian medium schools etc. These have grown up in Latvia since the end of the Soviet era.

The country is at a crucial junction: how to educate its population using a pedagogy that meets the needs of children and society in the 21st Century?

There are many challenges but these are being faced with determination, resilience and enthusiasm...


Read Neil's full blog and see his other experiences around the globe as well. 







Neil and Chinese class



Dr Neil Hawkes and Jane Hawkes were invited to speak at an Education Conference

in China over the summer (July 2019), 

to spend some time in lessons with children and young people,

and also to explore some of the culture there. 

Interesting times! 

Read Dr Hawkes' reflections here






We are so proud to announce our first Enhanced Quality Mark Schools in India! 

Many congratulations to Divine Child International School, Adalaj, Gujarat and sister school Divine Child School, Mehsana, Gujarat. 

These schools are excellent examples of Values-based Education International Schools and we are so proud of what they have achieved for their staff, students, families and communities. 

 DCIS EQM August 2019









DCS EQM August 2019



Shaji Trainer1


We are also hugely privileged for Mr Shaji Mathew, Principal of Divine Child International School,

to become an Accredited  VbE International Trainer.

With his energy, passion and vision,

we know he will be a force for good through Values-based Education International. 












We continue to work closely with  Bhavkunj School, the newest school in the Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal Trust in Gujarat. 

This part of India is embracing Values-baseed Education - the passion to create a better world for chidlren through education is palpable. 

Congratulations India! 

Whole staff photo


Read full report of our first visit by Sue Webb


See Photo Gallery 













VbE Consultant Pat Beechey first visited Nigeria in 2017 and has worked via internet communication with school leaders throughout the year. 

She returned in August 2018 to see the positive difference the work is making and to train more passionate educationalists in Values-based Education. 

Despite challenging conditions, VbE is taking off in Nigeria through the work of dedicated and commited teachers. 


Nigerai QM


Read Pat's full report of this visit 
















In July 2018, we visited Gujarat to see how the work of Divine Child International Schools was developing. 

Members of the leadership team had visited London in November 2016 and returned to India full of passion for VbE and to make a difference. 

They have truly brought Values-based Education to India!

small image children


Sue Webb's report of the visit














Sri Lanka


In December 2017, VbE were given the opportunity to join Think Equal as they trained 300 Master Trainers in a values-based curriculum for 3-4 year olds. 

These Master Trainers are now training teachers in every one of the 19,000 pre schools on an island where peace is relatively new (after a horrific war) and still quite fragile. 

The Government in Sri Lanka have made the Think Equal curriculum mandatory, and VbE were privileged to be a part of the introduction of this formal values education initiative. 


The Team


Read Sue Webb's report  about this visit.














Alfaheidi School, a VbE Quality Mark (Nursery) school in Iceland, have produced this beautiful short film about their work. 







IMG 0675

In August 2017, VbE was approached with a request to provide a consultant to support the Foundation for Values Transformation (FVT) - in introducing and establishing Values based Education into the state education system in Lagos, Nigeria.


48 leaders of Nigerian state schools were trained. 


They will now be able to introduce VbE to their own schools and, in time, to other state schools in Nigeria.



Read Pat Beechey's report about this visit.


See a Gallery of this visit. 





DIS Award 2

Senior leaders from Divine International School in India spent a week visiting VbE schools in the UK in November 2016. 


They visited 5 excellent VbE Quality Mark schools in London (Merryhills, Eversley, Coldfall, Fielding and St Mark's)

and received training over the 5 days from VbE Consultant Sue Webb.


Just a few months later, they received national recognition when they won the presigious

Times Education ICON 2017 Award for Innovation In Teaching


See the Gallery of their visit in November


Visit their website and read their VbE Newsletters 


dcis award2














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