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The Impact of the Cultural Transformational Tool of Values-based Education (VbE)


We estimate that over 3000 schools in England and Wales, and a rapidly increasing number worldwide, are embedding VbE in their schools. We know that over 150 schools have achieved the VbE Quallity Mark and are doing incredible work! This is having an impact on whole communities. Read about some of these schools in the Case Studies section and specific impact in the Research section.




vbe impact pupilsWhere an ethos of respect and kindness pervade the school, pupils, staff and parents feel valued and an integral part of the school community. With community-chosen values that underpin all aspects of school life, relationships improve with people in the school valuing each other more universally, with pupils gaining a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. This impact is frequently documented by Ofsted:



“Bullying is very rare. This is because pupils put their school values into practice during the day. They show empathy by looking out for one another and making sure that their interactions with other pupils are friendly and supportive.” The Priory Primary School, Wednesbury, 2016.


Where Values-based Education has a high profile in school and is apparent in everything it does, schools nurture each and every child and understand that children and staff need relationships that provide them with recognition and support. As a direct consequence of this, schools celebrate individual and collective contributions and achievements.


Values-based schools display and define their values in classrooms and corridors so the school community have a clear understanding of their meaning. This helps staff and pupils model each value and in turn supports them in developing self-esteem and self-worth. Schools report that this improves behaviour across the school, encourages children to participate in decision-making and become more involved in school life.




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Resilience is a virtue that children and adults need in an ever more challenging society. Pupils at effective VbE schools achieve higher levels of resilience as a result of their developed ethical vocabulary that enables them to discuss and share concerns with each other, plan next steps and solutions and evaluate theirs and others performance sensitively.

Pupils at a VbE Quality Mark school made the following comment at how values education has enhanced their learning: “You learn from mistakes and have the courage to do it again.” West Haddon Primary School, Northamptonshire, 2015.


We all want children’s memories of school to be happy ones where they have developed holistically into positive citizens, achieved their full potential academically and are prepared for the next stage of their life. VbE is the catalyst for this and the two quotes below support this:


“I had never thought about values before but since seeing how it works in school, it has had a deep effect on my life and on that of my family.”
School Administrator


“Values make me feel safe. It gives you something to lean back on and remember forever.”
Year 5 pupil

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