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Book coverKnowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  - Aristotle


 The Inner Curriculum teaches us how to be aware and in control of our internal world of thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions, enabling us to respond appropriately to others without hurting them or damaging our own sense of self.


When we create the right environment, it nourishes students' mental health, empowering their brains to remedy pathways that are holding them back.


It equips staff with new tools, with new insights, into responding to challenging behaviour, even the most challenging behaviour, in ways that support students to be able to respond in more appropriate ways to stresses they are otherwise unable to cope with.


Without high levels of wellbeing and resilience, pupils are unable to function well, build strong, positive relationships or get the most out of their education.


Neil and Jane's renowned work has been to support schools in creating authentic values-based cultures, which promote wellbeing and resilience for all.


Neil's expertise as the founder of Values-based Education and Jane's as a highly-respected psychotherapist have  enabled them to work together to create and write about 'The Inner Curriculum'. 



They created this guide as one that gives the reader both an understanding of the transformational theoretical ideas underpinning it and a range of practical exercises that will support its implementation.



It’s very beautiful Neil, congratulations!! Your passion comes through clearly and your content is very clear and is a wonderful message. I sent it to Dan Siegel. 

Testimonial from Dick Schwartz, Founder of The Internal Family System


Buy 'The Inner Curriculum:How to nourish wellbeing, resilience and wellbeing'.



Full Day Inner Curriculum Masterclasses by Neil and Jane Hawkes


Wednesday 1st April 2020

10am - 3pm 

Hambleton, Rutland Water, Leicestershire


Neil and Jane will train delegates in how to implement 'The Inner Curriculum' in their schools, and explore how the IC teaching and learning tool, PAUSE, can be used to enhance pupil wellbeing and resilience.


Cost: £95 (including lunch and refreshments)

Discount of £15 for VbE Member schools. Cost £80. 


For bookings or if you would like to host an Inner Curriculum training event at your local venue, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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