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So, you have seen the research; you feel inspired, and now you would like to introduce VbE in your school. Congratulations!Fielding 2 cropped

How do you go about it?

There are a number of ways to get started.

Values are learned best by experience. Values-based Education helps schools develop the authentic environment in which values can be absorbed by its students. We see that VbE is most effective when every member of staff engages with it. So we urge schools who want to adopt VbE to apply a whole-school approach. We offer a one-day training session for the entire staff and we know from experience in many schools that this is the most effective way to introduce VbE.



We recommend a full day’s training session for the whole school community. VbE works best if everyone is involved from the outset. Our trainers are experienced VbE practitioners who are passionate about the impact of VbE. Find out about our training here.

A full day training session for all members of staff led by one of our superb VbE Consultants who will introduce the concepts and methodology of VbE. Consultants stay in touch with schools following the training day to continue to support them on their VbE journey.


VbE Membership

Become a VbE Membership School and gain access to a wealth of free resources, as well as discounted training and exclusive access to the Annual VbE Members’ Conference.



There are three books, above all others, which introduce the concept of Values-based Education and are recommended reading either alongside training or prior to a training day.

'The Inner Curriculum: How to nourish wellbeing, resilience and wellbeing' by Dr Neil and Jane Hawkes - the latest book full of VbE philosophy, guidance and best practice. Read more about this work.

'From My Heart : Transforming Lives through Values' by Dr Neil Hawkes sets out some of the core concepts behind VbE, which is explored in a more tailored way in the "Introduction to VbE" training.

How to Inspire Values in the Classroom by Neil Hawkes helps staff introduce values to students.


Core Concepts

Below is a one hour taster session, which schools may wish to use to introduce the concept of Values-based Education to their colleagues and staff, prior to a training day.



Resources Area

There are many other resources which may be helpful. You'll find them in the Resources area. Look under 'Getting Started'.

There is also an excellent selection of resources in the 'Support for VbE Leader' section and 'Whole School Resources'.


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