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Values-Based Education Articles


Below are links to articles written by Dr Neil Hawkes and his colleagues working within the field of VbE...


Aureus IC

Values-based Education: the foundation of Values-based Living Dr Neil Hawkes, April 2020


Raspberries in February David Gumbrell, March 2020 


Developing a Compassion Mindset Bridget Knight, September 2019


Have you the key competence to flourish in life? Dr Neil Hawkes, August 2019


Values-Based Education - An Overview  Dr Neil Hawkes, July 2019


So, what will you do this summer?  David Gumbrell, July 2019


Lessons from China Dr Neil Hawkes, July 2019


Is there a lack of Ethical Leadership Dr Neil Hawkes, June 2019


A Forced Dilemma: Are we just Pretending?   - Bridget Knight (CEO, Values-based Education), June 2019


Introducing: The Inner Curriculum  Dr Neil Hawkes, May 2019


How to Help Our Teachers Shine Like Diamonds  David Gumbrell, April 2019


What do we all have in common?  Dr Neil Hawkes, April 2019


Transforming our Schools - Can you Help Dr Neil Hawkes, April 2019


The Social Fabric Nigel Cohen, March 2019


Mummy, Why am I on the Cloud Dr Neil Hawkes, February 2019


Do You Want to Create a Quality School? Dr Neil Hawkes, January 2019


Does your School really support mental wellbeing? Dr Neil Hawkes, January 2019


Are You A Good Enough Parent? (UK Pastoral Periodical for Parents) Dr Neil Hawkes, August 2018


What Does The Future Look Like for Our Grandchildren? (The Academy for the Advancement of Human Values) Dr Neil Hawkes, February 2018


Why should Schools Adopt Values-Based Education - Bridget Knight (CEO, Values-based Education), May 2017


Can There Be Hope Where There Is Fear? Dr Neil Hawkes, 2017


The Resilient Mindset John Hendry and Andrew Fuller, 2017


The Value of Values Dr Neil Hawkes, Sept 2016


Do Our School Practices Abuse Children? Dr Neil Hawkes, 2016


The Relationship Quotient; Creating Successful Relationships and Wellbeing John Hendry, Andrew Fuller and Dr Neil Hawkes, 2016


5 Steps to Becoming a Values-Based School - Dr Neil Hawkes, June 2015


How to Develop a Values-Based School - Dr Neil Hawkes, June 2015


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