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VbE Student Award Scheme (Primary & Secondary)
The VbE Student Award Scheme is a fantastic initiative to recognise dedication and contribution to the school's values environment and community.
It is a structured framework for students to carry out values-related activities in and out of school.
The scheme provides a guide as to how the process can be carried out, a values activity card for students to complete as they make progress and a template for schools to print individual VbE certificates for students.
The schemes are simple to administer. Each has its own 'Values Challenge' card for students to complete in their own time. The activities should be mainly child-led and students should be encouraged to take responsibility for showing what they have achieved.
There are 12 tasks. They encourage students to consider and reflect on the way positive values can impact on their life in school, the community and wider society. Students can work on 'Values Challenges' individually. in groups or as class activities where relevant. They can be completed at home or school, as appropriate.
A member of staff needs to verify the completion of the activities by talking to the student, looking at their evidence and signing their card.This could be built into PSHE lessons, circle time, tutor time etc. It is designed to be simple, yet rewarding for both adults and students.
Clear guidelines come with the resources.
As this scheme is for member Schools only, the tools are downloadable from the Resources section of this website.
Once a student has completed their tasks they have selected, the school can download a VbE-badged certificate to present to each student.

In addition, there is a pack of free stickers (containing 96 stickers) that can be ordered by sending a request via email. Pupil award

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