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VbE Staff Award Scheme
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The VbE Staff Award is a recognition of a staff member’s excellent values-practice in a school; that they make a superb contribution to the values-environment and to the students’ awareness and experience of positive, universal values.


This award requires an internal audit by a senior member of staff/line manager against VbE criteria. Staff who gain this award receive a VbE Staff Award certificate and are celebrated as VbE Staff Award practitioners on the Values-based Education website.


The steps to achieve the VbE Staff Award are set out below:


Step 1

Download and complete the relevant criteria for the values-based member of staff. The This will help you assess how well your procedures and practices are focused towards values modelling and values actions, and will steer you towards gathering the evidence needed for the audit.

As this scheme is for member Schools only, the tools are downloadable from the Resources section of this website.

Step 2
Arrange for a senior member of staff/line manager to undertake an internal audit. Evidence of the required criteria having been met should be recorded in the appropriate sections of the Criteria form. Once completed, this form should be sent to Values-based Education and a VbE Assessor will verify the Award. It may be necessary for the assessor to contact either the candidate or the internal auditor if further information is needed. A certificate will be sent to the staff member- with our congratulations!

VbE Quality Mark staff are authorised to present the certificate to third parties, and may be authorised to display the certificate at their school.

We list Quality Mark schools and staff on this website.


Click here to find out about this scheme and other Member Schools benefits.

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