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VbE (Individual) Staff Quality Mark

The VbE Staff Quality Mark is an independent award to a staff member who makes an outstanding contribution to the awareness and experience of students' positive, universal values and to the values environment within the school.

Seeking the Quality Mark helps staff to focus on the effectiveness of their values practices.Adult and child

For teachers, the Quality Mark links directly to the Professional Standards. These have been adapted to include values-based criteria.
For non-teaching/support staff, a set of criteria/standards have been created.

The steps to achieve a VbE Staff Quality Mark are set out below:

Step 1
Complete the relevant Standards Audit Tool for the values-based member of staff*

This will help you assess how well your procedures and practices are focused towards values modelling and values actions, and will steer you towards gathering the evidence needed for the audit.

You can download the relevant VbE Quality Mark standards below:
Support Staff


Step 2
CONTACT US to arrange an audit by a VbE Quality Mark Auditor.

During the audit, we will draw your attention to any recommendations or suggestions to help increase the impact of your contribution to VbE at your school.

We will run through the key findings of the audit with the staff member being assessed.

If successful, the staff member will receive a written report, a personalised Quality Mark certificate and be showcased on the VbE website.


Rebecca Williams, a teacher at Wigmore Primary School, Herefordshire was awarded the VbE Quality Mark.

She has kindly allowed her report to be published to help schools and staff understand the impact of VbE, the standards of a VbE Staff Quality Mark and the scope the audit.

Read Rebecca's report20161109 104614


VbE Quality Mark Staff

Congratulations to individual members of staff who have been awarded the VbE Quality Mark for their outstanding contribution to the values ethos of their schools.


  • Rebecca Williams, Wigmore Primary School, Herefordshire
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