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The VbE Resilience Survey is a brilliant tool for school leaders!

A real opportunity to gauge the collective resilience of a whole team of staff.

This timely support tool can structure an important conversation about staff well-being,

and provide crucial information and insight about how organisational performance can be improved.


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We know that the retention of good quality teachers is key to driving improvement.



Is your organisation focused on Recruitment or Retention

Do you feel the need to start a conversation about Resilience


If you do believe that if teachers are happy in their workplace, that they will be better placed to inspire pupils, and therefore the quality of teaching and learning will on!

Values-based Education have been working with Pupil Asset to develop ‘The VbE Resilience Survey’ to provide a cost-effective tool which will  help to make staff feel valued and know that their wellbeing is being taken seriously.

The Resilience Survey is designed to collect a range of data via easy to access online surveys, measuring different aspects of pupils’ and staff resilience.

Accessible to teachers, as well as school leaders, data from the surveys is used to generate reports which help schools to become more engaged with helping create stronger and more rapid environments of resilience, wellbeing and better mental health for both students and staff alike.

Following completion of The Resilience Survey, the conversation will continue with your VbE Resilience Consultant to ensure the impact of the survey will help to make a difference to the treasured people in the workplace. 




Joe Piatczanyn - Headteacher, Cranfield CE Primary School 

The Resilience Survey offered a fascinating insight into my team member's resilience and well-being.

Staff were able to complete it quickly and we have since used the outcomes to further shape CPD and actions to further enhance our working environment.

Discussing the findings with David enabled professional and reflective dialogue - making the use of the survey meaningful, manageable and motivating.

Well-being remains a significant commitment in our school, and the impact of our team member's resilience on this is significant.

That the Resilience Survey aligns with the beliefs and principles of Values-based Education makes it an even more powerful resource for schools.

Here's to a resilient future in education for us all!


Bridget Knight - Headteacher, Eardisley CE Primary School

After using the Resilience Survey, we had the most brilliant staff meeting together.

The survey enabled us to have a really open and candid conversation about our personal and collective needs.

We shared ideas about all the things we can do to improve our personal health and practice self-compassion.

The Resilience Survey for us has been a game-changer: the Wellbeing Agenda is now for us as staff as well as for our pupils. 


Sarah Phillips - Headteacher, Loddon Primary School

As a Headteacher I appreciated the questions which had a good balance between the characteristics of people and those of a school in order to draw conclusions about general resilience. There was a pleasing range of questions across the twelve aspects which sat really well with our Values ethos.

The report reflected our current perceptions of where we are as a school but also identified a new area to consider - which is really useful.

The users were easy to set up and the survey was quick to complete.

Having a consultant meet you to give feedback is an especially powerful part of the process allowing discussion and sign-posting to further support as appropriate. It makes what otherwise might be merely a data exercise more real and in my view more likely to lead to action after the survey.




Read David Gumbrell's excellent blog, 'How to Help Our Teachers Shine Like Diamonds'Website button find out more





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