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Teachers are like diamonds...Diamond and coal


They are forged with hard work and pressure - to shine! 


Is your staff a happy, healthy, harmonious team?


Do they feel valued, well-supported and unified?


Values-based Education have collaborated with Pupil Asset to deliver workshops which give specific, practical, effective strategies and tools for further developing the culture of Wellbeing and Resilience in schools.


'Valuing Wellbeing and Resilience in our Schools' workshops


'A very worthwhile morning! Thank you.

I took so much back to school which is being used to really help our school culture change very much towards the positive. Investing in the wellbeing and resilience of my staff is time and energy very well spent.'

School Leader - Norwich


Workshop Programme: 

Let us know if you would like to host a morning's workshop - FREE places for your school staff. 



The VbE Resilience Survey


A brilliant online tool, designed to provide school leaders with a detailed report to show areas of team strength, and identify areas where specific aspects of resilience can be improved.

This tool is helping schools to create stronger and healthier environments of resilience, wellbeing and better mental wealth for students and staff alike.

Following completion of The Resilience Survey, your VbE Resilience Consultant works with you to ensure the impact of the survey will help make a difference to the treasured people in the workplace. 

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 Read David Gumbrell's excellent blogs, 'How to Help Our Teachers Shine Like Diamonds' and So, what will you do this Summer?  Website button find out more



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