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#TheDailyWritingChallenge was initiated by Hannah Wilson (@Ethical_Leader) as a response to the impact of the COVID-19 in our society.

We thank her for her foresight into helping people use this as an outlet for their feelings, to help themselves and others - and to keep the essential focus on how living our values is so key to our shared humanity. 




Integrity by Mark Chatley @MrMChatley


Wealth and Integrity by Molly Mimmerr @mimmerr


Integrity by Lucy Flower @MrsLFlower


Integrity by Caitlin Bracken @LittleMissB_NQT


Integrity by Hannah Wilson @Ethical_Leader


Integrity by Bibire Omotoyosi Salihu @tysalihu


Integrity by Andrew Rough @teacher_mr_r


Polonius in the Staffroom: An accidental love letter by Liam Ambrose @ambrose_l





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