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Values-based Education (VbE) is a successful worldwide transformational movement for positive change.


VbE empowers educational settings to underpin their life and curriculum with universal positive human values such as respect, integrity, honesty and compassion.

The outcome of developing such an ethical vocabulary is ethical intelligence, which Dr. Neil Hawkes argues is the most important intelligence for the sustainability of our world.

The ethical vocabulary is the foundation of a new universal narrative through which all human beings, irrespective of culture; religion or ethnicity can communicate, thereby establishing trust and well being.

The outcome of Values-based Education is self-leadership, which enables each individual to work towards fulfilling their wonderful potential.

Neil Hawkes explaining aspects of VbE

The Seven Core Components of VbE:

Authentic modelling by adults of positive values

The Inner Curriculum of thoughts, feelings and emotions

Reflective practices links to interpersonal neurobiology

The creation of a VbE atmosphere, both physical and emotional

The development of a VbE curriculum and its links to the wider curriculum

The development of quality leadership

The comprehensive development of an ethical vocabulary


'An Introduction to Values-based Education' by CEO, Bridget Knight.

The original research of Dr. Neil Hawkes at Oxford University, UK (2005) and subsequently Professor Terrence Lovat et al (2010), Newcastle University, Australia describes the positive outcomes of implementing values programs in schools.

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